A 20 Y.O. Said He Was Detained By Police Bc He Tried To Film A TikTok With ScoMo In A Pub

adisen wright scott morrison detained tiktok

A 20-year-old activist claims he was detained by police after he tried to film a TikTok with Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a pub.

Adisen Wright recorded himself approaching Morrison at the pub in Penrith. It’s unclear exactly what Morrison was doing at the pub but he later told Wright it was a private function.

Wright asked the PM if he could take a photo with him. He then tried to ask Morrison a question about his response to the bushfires.

The PM then realised he was being recorded. He told Wright people from the media were not allowed in the venue and that it was a private function.

Then in a classic Scott Morrison move, the Prime Minister walked away from the passionate young person mid-conversation. A female staffer from Morrison’s team stepped in and asked what was going on.

Wright then raised his voice and asked his question to a runaway Scott Morrison.

“ScoMo, across the river here people lost their houses and they were burnt,” he said.

He then shouted “you’re a disgrace” to Morrison as the PM fled the scene.


Help me. I tried asking the PM a question and have been detained

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Adisen Wright then left the venue but was approached by a Senior Constable from the Protection Operations Unit.

Wright told the officer he was invited to the pub by his mate who worked there. He said he rocked up before the private event started and didn’t realise it was a private function. He claimed Morrison and the officers arrived by a bus and that it wasn’t there when he entered the venue.

“I didn’t know it was a private event. I genuinely didn’t,” Wright told the officer in the TikTok.

“I apologise for that. But I just wanted to ask a question because I care about government and our area was incredibly impacted.

“We just want some action. We’re not asking for a lot. We just want some assistance.”

Wright claimed in the video’s caption he had been detained. Within an hour of the video being published, he commented on it and confirmed the officers let him go.

A media spokeswoman for New South Wales Police told PEDESTRIAN.TV officers from the Nepean Police Area Command were called to the Penrith venue at 7:45pm. She said officers issued Wright a move-on direction and he left the venue without incident.