This Video Of A Pensioner Tearing Morrison Apart Will Carry Me Through The Apocalypse

pensioner roasting Scott Morrison at a new castle pub

Every day Prime Minister Scott Morrison‘s reputation becomes more marred, causing my skin to get clearer. Last night not one but two pub punters accosted the PM for being “the worst prime minister ever”. A truly beautiful series events. I am glowing.

Scott Morrison was supposed to be enjoying a chill couple of beers with locals at a pub in Edgeworth Tavern in Lake Macquarie in NSW on Wednesday night. FYI, Edgeworth has a large working class population and Newcastle is a safe Labor seat… so this was doomed to begin with.

Anyway, of course things got pretty difficult for the PM when a pensioner confronted him and called him out for being a lying scumbag.

Okay, maybe he didn’t call him that, but he did call out Morrison’s failed promises. Which are kinda like lies, right?

In videos online, the man can be heard saying he worked in the mines for 30 years but his retirement is being affected by restrictions on pension payments. A crowd formed around them in the pub because who doesn’t wanna see Morrison torn a new one, the smug bastard.

“This is what you said when you got elected last time: ‘We’re going help all those people that worked all their lives, paid their taxes and those that have a go, get a go’,” the man can be heard saying in a video.

“Well, I’ve had a go, mate, I’ve worked all my life and paid my taxes.”

“You can have a million dollar house, you can have $250,000 … listen to me for a change, right $250,000 in the bank, you can have negative gearing and franking credits, but a disability pensioner can’t have any income,” he said.

“You’ve also been immigration minister. I’ve got a partner I’ve been with six-and-a-half years and I’ve got a right as an Australian to choose who my partner should be.

“We’ve been to the tribunal twice and won on both occasions. That was 14 months ago. Why can’t I have a partner?

“You know another promise you made. You were going to have an integrity commission.

“You better fucking do something. I’m sick of your bullshit.”

Go OFF king!!!

According to, the man was later seen being escorted from the venue but know that he exited in victory.

Another video has emerged from the same night of a woman pretending to take a selfie with Scott Morrison. But when she turned the camera on, she said: “Congratulations on being the worst prime minister we’ve ever had.”

I have never seen a smirk dissolve so quickly.

The last two weeks has also seen NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet criticise the PM. Liberal MP Catherine Cusack and Liberal Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells turned against Scott Morrison and called him a “bully”. Text leaks have also shown former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian called him a “horrible, horrible” person and an unnamed minister called him a “psycho”.

Paired with Morrison’s racism scandal and his ridiculous housing comments, well, the iconic pensioner said it best: we’re sick of his bullshit.