Fuck Knows Why But Our Prime Minister Is On Snapchat Now

For a man that fabricated his personality from whole cloth for marketing purposes, temporary prime minister Scott Morrison doesn’t really have much in the way of a personality. He’s not the dogmatic and ideologically driven Tony Abbott and he’s not the tortured, perpetually compromised Malcolm Turnbull, he’s just a guy who refuses to be nailed down on any of his beliefs and who quite possibly shat his dacks at Engadine Maccas in 1997. If you are somehow compelled to get to know more about this substanceless vapour of a man, I have fantastic news: you can follow him on Snapchat now.

[jwplayer 0tB7A5a8]

Obviously, no person their right mind would want to do this, but it seems to be the opinion of his social media team that this will (just in time for the election) somehow improve his image with the Youth, who are just craving to see short, temporary videos from a 50-year-old man whose only two loves are Christian rock and coal. As far as I understand it, the Youth have moved well beyond Snapchat into apps I couldn’t even begin to understand but, hey, I’m not one of the people paid a six-figure sum of money to manage the prime minister’s social media accounts.

So far, his first video is of himself quickly and loudly talking into the camera from a disconcertingly close distance about how exciting it is to join Snapchat during budget week. Some really great stuff. It is definitely worth making a note at just how generous the Bitmoji depiction of the PM is:

Not sure about the accuracy of that one.

His announcement was received with exactly the level of enthusiasm that is appropriate for something like this: just about none.


There’s a chance that instead of some youth outreach push, this was a very late April Fool’s prank, but they certainly went to enough effort to create the account, create the avatar, and post a video, all of which is taxpayer money that could have been spent on a royal commission into whether the PM crapped his pants at Engadine Maccas in 1997 — and to what extent.