Scott Morrison Now Says He’s “Not Comfortable” With Law Expelling Gay Kids

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has back-pedalled away from the leaked amendment made under Liberal MP Phillip Ruddock‘s review, supposing that religious schools have right to expel or bar students based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Morrison told Sky News on Thursday night: “I don’t think if someone’s at a school they should be kicked out because they have a different sexuality to what might be believed to be the appropriate thing by particular religious groups.”

“I’m not comfortable with it… We do not think that children should be discriminated against.”

Despite these comments, however, the Prime Minister continues to defend the leaked review.

Earlier in the day, Morrison told 3AW, “religious schools should be able to run their schools based on their religious principles”, subsequently failing to acknowledge that, by amending the religious freedom law, gay and trans kids are essentially the only students that will be targeted, and marginalised even further.

May we remind you, Morrison is an avowed Christian who abstained from the final vote which legalised same-sex marriage.

While continuing to defend the Ruddock review, Morrison is contradicting his very statements to Sky News – by supporting the supposed-amendments he’s simultaneously advocating for the systematic exclusion of gay and trans children.

Yet, we know all too well that it doesn’t matter what Morrison says and, rather, what he believes behind close doors.

It’s all a bit of a clusterfuck, really. The debate continues.

Source: The Guardian
Image: Getty / Mark Nolan / Stringer