Scott Morrison Is Already Freaking Out Over Help For Transgender Schoolkids

Brand new Prime Minister Scott Morrison has wasted little time expressing exactly where his government stands on the issue of helping transgender schoolchildren understand their gender identities, saying that specially-trained counsellors shouldn’t interfere in the classroom.

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In a tweet issued in response to a new Daily Telegraph piece on the uptick in schools seeking help from gender experts – who help teachers liaise with their transgender students – Morrison dismissed the field entirely and said we should “let kids be kids.”

That message comes a day after Morrison admitted he sends his children to private schools to avoid the so-called “skin-curling” discussions about sexuality in the public education sector.

This week’s statements mark the first time Morrison has expressed his position on those issues as PM, but they follow his sustained campaign against the Safe Schools program – an initiative which included resources intended to help schools ensure the wellbeing of gender diverse students.

In 2017, Morrison was reportedly involved in backroom negotiations on a proposal which would have allowed parents to withdraw their kids from any classes which did not align with their religious values.  FWIW, all Safe Schools material were entirely optional, and were never part of any compulsory curriculum.

As Treasurer, Morrison’s 2018/2019 Federal Budget included hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funding for the school chaplaincy program, with a stated goal of promoting anti-bullying messaging.

That move was condemned by critics on the other side of the political divide, who criticised Morrison for not funding secular counselling services to the same massive degree.

Expect to see more of this kind of thing from Morrison in the months leading up to the next Federal Election.