Julie Bishop’s Gonna Recontest Her Seat When The Next Election Rolls Around

She might have quit her role as foreign Minister after that hullabaloo with the liberal leadership, but don’t think Julie Bishop is going to sit down in the corner and give up on parliament altogether. Lol, nope.

Bishop announced today that she plans to recontest her WA seat of Curtin at the next election, citing “overwhelming support” from her electorate during the Lib spill business as the reason.

I think their interests come first,” she said at an event in Perth today, according to the ABC. “It’s very much a personal decision for me, but I believe the country needs stability and continuity at present.”

She also said she was surprised that no federal MPs from WA voted for her in the now infamous leadership spill, in which she put her name in the ring for PM, replacing Malcolm Turnbull.

“It surprised me. I always believed West Australians had a responsibility to look out for the interests of this state. There certainly is a Queensland influence, no question.”

She also didn’t deny she wasn’t wanted in new PM Scott Morrison‘s new cabinet.

“I just felt it was best I not be part of that cabinet,” Ms Bishop told Post Newspapers. 

Bishop had been Australia’s foreign Minister for five years, and was the Liberals’ deputy leader for over a decade.