Scott Morrison Would Like You To Stop Calling Him “Scotty From Marketing,” Pretty Please

Scott Morrison would like the record to show that he is extremely, definitely, 100% not mad about being saddled with the “Scotty From Marketing” nickname in recent months. Really, he does not care at all. He’s fine with it. He’s laughing, actually. It’s a great and funny joke, to him.

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The derisive title – far from the ridiculous “ScoMo” that, ironically, was concocted as a means of marketing Morrison to the Australian public – was thrust upon the Prime Minister during the dizzying peaks of his great bushfire disappearing act, penned originally by The Betoota Advocate.

Not at all like the giant dog turd that has been the leadership exhibited by the Prime Minister in recent weeks, the nickname has hung around like a bad smell. Whereas “ScoMo” is the laconic everyman the Prime Minister so fucking desperately wishes he really was, “Scotty From Marketing” is the out-of-touch buffoon who fell ass-first into a gig he was never truly prepared for before fucking off to Hawaii to hoover Depressed Dad mai tais at the first signs of trouble.

Appearing on 3AW this morning, Morrison was at pains to stress just how extremely NOT mad at all he is about the nickname, first suggesting that it was “what the Labor Party is saying” (it’s not) and that it was part of “a Labor Party campaign” (it isn’t), before claiming that the nickname doesn’t bother him and that he “[doesn’t] care, really” (he absofuckinglutely does).

He’s not mad about being called Scotty From Marketing. He loves it, actually! It’s great! An awesome name that we should all definitely keep calling him and definitely doesn’t make him have a little cry in the work loos.

Top name! Definitely not mad about it! Next question!