Schapelle Corby Instagrammed The Hectic Media Pack As She Left Bali

After 13 years in Bali, convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby finished her sentence and returned home to Australia overnight, touching down in Brisbane in the early hours of this morning. 
Getting out of Bali was itself an achievement, though – media interest in her was so intense that local authorities engaged upwards of 100 police officers to escort her to the airport, and clearly, they were necessary. 
From the back of a black mini van, Corby used her newly-created Instagram account to document the trip to Ngurah Rai Airport, and she was swarmed on all sides by photographers. 

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Some, like this unfortunate snapper who took a tumble over a wall, actually risked life and limb to get a shot: 

Schapelle and her sister Mercedes Corby made it to their flight, after changing from Virgin to Malindo Air at the last minute, and touched down in Brisbane slightly ahead of schedule at 5.09am. 


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There was no such media pack to greet them at home, and per the Brisbane Times, Corby was “whisked away without detection” under cover of darkness. 

It is understood tha Corby will be spending her first days of freedom at her mother’s residence in Loganlea or with her sister on the Gold Coast.
Source: Instagram.
Source: Instagram.