Karl Stefanovic And Schapelle Corby’s Former Lawyer Chat About The “Big Marijuana Joint” Corby Is Going To Roll Upon Release

In a ridiculous television interview on ‘The Today Show’ this morning, which once again proves that Karl Stefanovic is to live television what The Alliance of Magicians is to the world – he brings the magic – Karlos is seen chatting with the ex-lawyer of Schapelle Corby, Kerry Smith-Douglas, about the pending release of her former client.

Our mate Karl, who is no stranger to hard-hitting frothing, weed cookies and burning grass related on-air questioning, was just casually interviewing Smith-Douglas about the much-publicised Corby case on the eve of Parole Decision Day. Indonesia’s justice minister Amir Syamsuddin has said of her application for release, “I’m about to finish it, but there’s no special treatment for anyone. These 1,700 will all be processed together. They all have to be treated fairly, all of them.”

Should her parole request be successful, Corby will be allowed to serve the remainder of her sentence from the home of her sister Mercedes, who lives in Bali.

Yes. A practising lawyer has made a statement on live television about the cigar-sized joint Schapelle Corby, who is currently serving a 20 year sentence for smuggling 4.2kg of cannabis into Bali, a province of Indonesia where the death penalty is routinely enforced for drug cases, is going to smoke in the near future. Hand gestures incl. Also makes mention of how red her own eyes are – check.

Babe, with respect, this is not seeming like ideal professional conduct but obviously 10/10, would party with you.

(Additionally, would get behind a reality television show starring Kerry S-D).

The interview continues with Karl saying, “We hope that what you said at the start will not affect her chances of getting out?” Old mate replies with: “I was concerned that what John … not John Howard … whose … Tony Abbott was recently caught listening in to the President’s telephone conversation, and I thought that may have affected her capability of getting out quickly on parole.”

The whole batshit situation concludes with Karl thanking Kerr for her time, to which she replies: “Thank you very much, God Bless Australia.”

Bless you, Kerry Smith-Douglas.