US Town Is Not Impressed That Someone Stuck Googly Eyes On Local Statue

Police in Savannah, Georgia, are absolutely sick to death of the god-damned rat bastard prankster who stuck googly eyes on the statue of Major General Nathanael Greene, a decorated general from the American Revolutionary War.

The local government shared images of the defaced statue – which is in Johnson Park where Greene was buried after he passed away in 1786 – calling for the vandal, or anyone with information, to step forward.

The person – now known as the “Googly Eye Bandit” – has not yet been found, despite local authorities firmly believing it’s “not a laughing matter”, but everyone knows that it is.

Incredible to see a post saying “Who did this?!” without a bunch of cry-laughing emojis immediately following it. This is serious, dark times for Savannah’s Johnson Square, people.

Look, let’s be real here. Sticking googly eyes on things is funny. It’s objectively funny. It’s never ever not funny. If you don’t find googly eyes on solid, inanimate objects then you’re clearly a cop. Which I guess is why the Savannah authorities are none too pleased by this (very funny) prank.

But look at him though! The “Saviour Of The South” is staring right on down at you with the most incredulous look in his eyes that seem to follow you around the room, I mean only if you tilt him a little bit. Just standing there in the park, judging you while you eat your leftovers.

googly eyes statue
“Stir fry again? Good lord Keith, get it together.” (Image: Facebook / City of Savannah Government.)

I’m no googly eye specialist, but I’m going to hedge a guess that this wee prank on the statue is not going to do too much damage.