The Googly Eye Assassins Of Adelaide Unveiled Themselves, But Now They Might Be In Hot Water

googly eyes adelaide

Gather round girls, gays and googly-eyed theys, because we finally know the identity of the Googly Eye Assassin who was been galivanting across Adelaide. Am I disappointed that the mystery is over so soon? Yes. Alexa, cancel my Professor Layton top hat order, please.

Chances are if you live in Adelaide, or on the internet, you’ve seen a pair of googly eyes appearing on KFC buckets, Dan Murphy’s stores and even trucks.

It’s been the biggest thing to happen in Adelaide since that Big Bird costume was stolen. Everyone and their nonna has been wanting to know who the funk put those eyes up everywhere, and it looks like we might finally now know the answer.

Introducing the pranksters (possibly) behind the googly eyes prank: Nova breakfast presenters Ben and Liam.

I write possibly because they’ve technically only owned up to one appearance of googly eyes in Adelaide: those on Scotty the Scotsman, a statue on Scotty’s Motel in Medindie.

I must say, when I was thinking of all the mischievous pranksters that could have been behind this entertaining state-wide prank, the names ‘Ben’ and ‘Liam’ didn’t come to mind. Where’s the gaiety? Where’s my camp Powerpuff Girls-esque villain?

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Playfulness aside, Scotty’s Motel manager Greg Hobson told The Advertiser in an interview that he reckons Scotty the Scotsman has been damaged because of the prank.

“His sporran was quite freely moving in the wind and there’s damage to one of the side panels of the statue (on Thursday) as well,” he claims.

“I thought it was quite sweet actually until I saw the damage and it’s quite problematic.

“He’s got some age to him and getting him replaced is quite difficult. An apology would be ideal.”

Hobson claims that the eyes must have blown off in the wind, and that the cherry picker used by Nova’s Ben and Liam damaged the statue.

However, per The Advertiser, Nova claims that the boys were nowhere near the statue’s sporran, and that the eyes weren’t even placed on the statue due to access issues. Furthermore, they claim the eyes were photoshopped on afterwards.

Much to think about here. Much to think about.