Pack Up The Sam Kerr Thirst Edits ‘Cos Fans Reckon She’s Engaged To Long-Term GF Kristie Mewis

RIP to the thirst traps of Sam Kerr because rumour has it, our el capitano is now engaged to long-time partner Kristie Mewis, and the suspected engagement ring is fucking ‘yuuuuuge.

Sam won the hearts of a gazillion Aussies during the Matildas’ terrific run in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Ever since she won over punters with her incredible football skills, she’s kinda become a celeb crush for some viewers, with many fans professing their love for the footballer via fan cam edits on TikTok.

But now it’s time to pack it all up ‘cos fans of the Chelsea FC striker reckon she’s levelling up relo with Kristie — another fantastic footballer who Sam has been dating since 2021.

(Image source: Getty Images / Elsa – FIFA )

The rumour first gained traction after Gotham FC posted a video of their footballers reacting to their EA Sports FC rating, with one of the players being Kristie.

Look, I’m not gonna sit here and act like I know about football ratings ‘cos I rarely played EA Sports FC as a kiddo — I only played the game for its banging soundtrack that featured “Jerk It Out” by the Caesars in its 2004 edition — but folks who watched the video noticed that Kristie had a gigantic rock on her left hand.

Do y’all see that???? That’s fucking huge!!!

Although the video was about EA Sports’ upcoming game, the comment section was flooded with folks pointing out Kristie’s ring.


“SAME [sic] AND KRISTIE CARE TO SHARE SOMETHING TO THE CLASS?!?!?!” a second person added.

“Kristie really thought we wouldn’t notice wth I won’t be able to sleep unless I know what’s going on,” wrote a third.

One person even had me in stitches after they compared the size of Kristie’s possible engagement ring to a boulder.

(Image source: Instagram / @gothamfc and @nwsl)

Fans even took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their thoughts on a possible engagement between the two footballers.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any official announcements from either Sam or Kristie, so for now, it’s just rumours.

But honestly, it’s not that hard to miss that ring! Sam could probably use that in another penalty kick against France. It’s that big.

Just last week, Kristie posted an adorable photo of her with Sam in celebration of the Tillies captain’s 30th birthday.

I just love love and these two deserve all the love in the world. Fingers crossed the ring and the rumours are legit!

Image source: Getty Images / Elsa – FIFA