SA Police Has Defended Cops Who Removed A Woman From Her Wheelchair & Dragged Her Off A Train

sa police drag disabled woman from Adelaide train

SA Police has issued a statement defending its cops after alarming footage emerged of officers dragging a woman off of an Adelaide train without her wheelchair on Saturday night.

In the footage, obtained by 7 News, witnesses could be heard shouting at police as they pulled the woman away from her wheelchair by her arms.

“She’s disabled and you’re going to drag her like that?!” one bystander could be heard asking police.

“That’s bull!” another person exclaimed as she was removed from the train.

“That’s fucked, she’s disabled!”

The woman was then placed on a bench on the platform. Appearing distressed, she tried to push one of the police officers away from her. The cop retaliated by slamming her head down onto the bench as distressed onlookers cried “what the fuck!”.

Disability rights activist Kelly Vincent said the police officer’s response to the woman was “way out of line” and demanded an investigation, per 7 News.

SA Police, however, has defended its officers’ behaviour and said they acted within reason.

“Two people on the train were smoking and forcing the train doors open, they were asked to leave by security however refused to get off,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“Police attended and the pair still refused to get off the train and continued to act in a disorderly manner.

“A police officer attempted to push the wheelchair off the train however the suspect stood up and pushed the officer in the chest.

“The police officers body worn footage has been reviewed and we believe their actions were both appropriate and reasonable in response to this incident.”

Since when does someone smoking in a non-smoking area like a train warrant being physically dragged then shoved head down into a bench? It’s actually so fucked up to remove someone from their wheelchair, which is necessary for their mobility and autonomy, especially over non-violent offences where no one was in immediate danger.

The woman in the video was issued with an adult caution for failing to comply with directions to leave a vehicle and resisting arrest.

A man who was with her was arrested and also issued a caution for failing to comply with directions to leave a vehicle.