Melbourne Train Cops Under Fire After A Woman Was Shoved To The Ground

Truly absurd footage shot in the Melbourne CBD last night has captured the moment a woman was violently shoved to the ground by a Protective Services Officer who was at least twice her size.

[jwplayer 5jao5UgW]

The incident reportedly occurred at around 1:30am last night outside Flinders Street Station during a police operation, and quite clearly shows the PSO shoving the woman with full-force to the pavement.

A Victoria Police spokesperson asserted that at the time of the incident, plain clothes officers were apprehending an unidentified man. The PSOs on the scene were standing guard, blocking the footpath and preventing pedestrians from traversing through the area.

A statement issued by Police officials claims the woman attempted to walk “between police and the man” despite the footage showing her only approaching the line the PSOs had formed before being shoved.

The statement also asserts the incident is a “timely reminder” for members of the public to “stand back” and “give police the space.”

A woman has tried to walk between police and the man they were trying to arrest. A PSO has pushed the woman, causing her to fall to the ground. She has then stood up and walked away from the scene.

This incident is a timely reminder that arrests are dynamic and potentially dangerous situations. When police are responding to incidents, members of the public need to stand back to give police the space to ensure a safe and timely outcome for all parties.

Frankly, the incident should also serve as a timely reminder for PSOs, who are very much Not Cops™, to not violently shove members of the public to the fucking ground.

The woman was reportedly uninjured in the incident and did not file a formal complaint. However a third-party complaint was lodged, and the Professional Standards Command will launch an investigation.