S.A Sweats Through Record-Breaking Heatwave As Extreme Temps Hit Eastern Oz

If you’ve ever asked yourself if we get tired of covering record-breaking heatwaves, the answer is yes. Yes we do. Not because they aren’t important – sweaty, uncomfortable, but still important – it’s because their increasing frequency and intensity are too important to ignore.

This week’s utterly ludicrous heatwave in South Australia is a primo example of how mental summer is Australia is becoming. It hit 40.9 degrees before midday in Adelaide today, breaking 2007’s record for the most consecutive December days where the mercury passes 40. 
Further along the coast in Port Augusta, locals had to endure an absolutely hellish 47.1 degrees. 

All of this comes on top of the knowledge that 2016 is predicted to be the hottest year on record. Ever. 
Naturally, because our seasons are seemingly abandoning all sense of order, the Bureau Of Meteorology is currently reporting the temperatures in S.A will drop dramatically overnight to a rainy 26. The lowest fire danger level for the state will more than likely remain “extreme”, with coastal areas retaining their current “catastrophic” levels.

via CFS.
But wait, there’s more: those rains are also expected to come with a helping of lightning.

New South Wales’ heatwave is expected to worsen too, as S.A’s hot air dumps itself over the western patch of the state. The ABC reported today that 32 bushfires were burning throughout the state, adding to the number of fires also being fought in Tasmania and Victoria.

The latter state has been warned to check Country Fire Authority alerts; South Australia can keep on top of current fires through the Country Fire Service; NSW residents can stay up to date via the Rural Fire Service and Tassie can check via their state’s Fire Service. 

Stay cool and stay safe, errbody. 
Story: ABC.
Photo: BOM / Twitter.