Royally Fucked-Up Fyre Festival Reportedly Under Investigation By The FBI

No matter what, people are always going to be very very interested to learn more exciting tidbits about what the fuck went wrong at the Fyre Festival. It’s like crack. In twenty years there will still be untold stories about how the wonderful, innocent project of an island party for rich Instagram models backed by Ja Rule went so, so wrong.

Fear not. The New York Times has yet another profile of how it all went so wrong. The interesting new element is that 25-year-old organiser Billy McFarland reckons that the best days of Fyre are ahead of them, and that coverage of the doomed, Lord of the Flies style event was actually sensationalised:
Yet, speaking on May 2 with unnerved employees at his TriBeCa office — with its $30,000 sound system and frequent fashion-model visitors — Mr. McFarland deflected blame and vowed that Fyre would survive to mount another festival next year. The coverage had been “sensationalised,” he insisted, according to a recording obtained by The New York Times. (Fyre has attributed its cancellation to a combination of factors, including the weather.)

McFarland, for the record, looks like this:

how many buttons you gonna pop open, son?

Despite his assertions that the Fyre brand is just waiting to go fucking huge, it’s worth noting that they’re facing a number of lawsuits and federal authorities – i.e. the FBI – are looking into possible mail, wire and securities fraud. So that’s a minor speed bump for them.
In a statement to the NYT, McFarland apologised again for the debacle. “I cannot emphasise enough how sorry I am that we fell short of our goal,” adding, “I’m committed to, and working actively to, find a way to make this right, not just for investors but for those who planned to attend.”

Well ain’t that a stinker.
Source: New York Times.
Photo: Fyre Festival.