A ‘Fully Renovated’ $750 A Week Syd Rental Is Being Rightfully Torn To Shreds On Reddit

I know it’s April Fool’s Day, however, it seems like this listing is no joke. For just $750 a week, you can rent this Auburn home, fitted with a toilet connected to a hose. Unfortunately, no toot paper is included.

Ahh yes. Although it is a public holiday, there’s no rest in calling out the wicked. The wicked in this case are the shitty rentals that are continuously being put up on websites for ridiculous amounts of moolah.

Our story takes place on r/shitrentals — a subreddit inspired by Jordan van den Berg‘s ‘Shit Rentals’ series — where a Redditor shared a listing that they described as “nightmare fuel”.

“$750 a week in Auburn. The toilet is connected via a hose from the sink. The kitchen is nightmare fuel, and the laundry looks like you’re gonna get live-ins,” u/Inspektah-Ratchet wrote.

“This has to be a joke listing yeah?”

byu/Inspektah-Ratchet inshitrentals

Unfortunately, diving further into the listing — which can be found on Domain — punters actually can rent this fully renovated three-bedroom humble abode in Sydney’s Auburn. So no, this is no joke.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

According to the listing, the brick house is available right now and has a bond of $3000!

Included in the rent are the lounge and dining area, a “good kitchen” with gas cooking, one bathroom, internal laundry (but unfortunately it’s an “unverified feature”), one separate toilet, a private yard and street parking.

Here’s just a glimpse of that “good kitchen” and the toilet!

(Image source: Domain)
(Image source: Domain)

There’s also this pic of a toilet that’s kinda sketchy, however, it’s not specified if this is the separate toilet that’s included in the rent.

Heard of sip and paint? Now, you can shit and paint in this dunny with that paint can on the right. (Image source: Domain)

Unfortunately, renters are gonna have to bring in their own wardrobes for all three bedrooms and a granny flat on the property is not included in the deal.

Following u/Inspektah-Ratchet’s post, many Redditors pointed out their disgust with the toilet image.

“It’s times like these I wish the crooks had photoshopped the dunny pic. I’m gonna be sick!” one person wrote.

“Are they taking the piss? This is disgusting!” a second person added.

“Trying to decide which bathroom is better – this one with the hose or the one which looks like a grenade has gone off in it. Nah they’re both shit,” wrote a third.

Another person asked if this was the photos before or after the renovations.

byu/Inspektah-Ratchet from discussion

It’s actually bullshit that properties of this quality (like the one above) can be rented out, especially when we’re literally in a housing crisis.

Earlier in March, a new study from PropTrack revealed that rental affordability has hit a 17-year low. And let’s not get started on the annual income needed to afford a house, which has been revealed to be over $150K.

As of writing, the listing is still available online. So, if you’re vibing that kinda toilet, it seems to be up for grabs.

Image source: Domain and Disney / The Simpsons