Queensland Real Estate Agent Enlists Zombies To Help Sell Property

The type of language synonymous with close-mode real estate agents is something we usually associate with platitudinous hyperbole, mistruths and the english language sin of using the word “funky” to describe anything other than music, but when presented with the unique set of challenges associated with selling one of the most idiosyncratic properties in South East Queensland, Harcourt M1 real estate agent Julie Andrews decided to switch things up a bit.  

“It was just something quirky and something interesting that was going to go viral,” she told the Courier Mail. “We wanted to attack as much of the planet as possible with the Castle Rumble opportunity…and the best we knew how was to either shock or scare people with a video.”

To achieve this she asked “world leaders in real estate and property video marketing” Platinum HD to produce an open house call out video starring a shuffling horde of zombies

“Initially we came to them with a tamer concept,” Andrews said. “Because we weren’t really sure just how far to push the boundaries from a real estate perspective and in terms of going to the media with a shocking video.”

In case anyone out there finds the prospect of living in a haunted witch convent appealing, the estate, Castle Rumble, is the work of owner/builder, Brian Rumble, who, according to Andrews, “built the house quite literally stone by stone, beam by beam from mostly recycled materials.”

Here’s what it looks like.
Oh nothing just a creepy as fuck witch effigy. We’ll take the zombies please.