A Qld Real Estate Agent Was Given The Boot After She Mocked Renters In A Series Of FB Comments

Another real estate agent is being dragged through the coals of the internet after they mocked renters in a series of Facebook comments. And to put the cherry on top of this r/ProRevenge-worthy story, she’s reportedly been booted from her agency.

Self-proclaimed “No.1” Queensland real estate agent Aimee Marsh was recently sacked from her agency Ray White Aspley after she made fun of tenants in a private community Facebook group.

Well … isn’t it the consequences of your actions, matey.

As per Daily Mail Australia, Marsh labelled renters as a “disgrace” and that they’re “irrelevant”.

“Half of them don’t even homes in Griffin. They are tenants,” Marsh wrote.

When another user described tenants as “nobodies”, Marsh suggested that they were jealous of her salary and her occupation as a Ray White real estate agent.

“Probably earn $50K a year and envious of me. I pay twice their wage in tax or I probably pay their Centrelink wages,” she replied with two crying laughing emojis.

Keep in mind all these comments were made via Marsh’s professional Ray White Facebook profile. Marsh then went on her private FB account, according to Daily Mail Australia, to continue venting about tenants.

“Jealously is a curse, and money controls people and emotions lol,” she reportedly wrote.

(Image source: Facebook)

Speaking to news.com.au, spokeswoman for Ray White Alex Tilbury revealed that Marsh was no longer working for the company and that her views “do not align with the values of [their] business”.

“As a result we made the business decision to terminate her employment yesterday,” Tilbury said, per the publication.

“We respect and value each and everyone within our community … We apologise to anyone who may have been offended as well as any members within our community if these views have offended.”

Prior to her online posts, Marsh had a 4.9-star rating on the Ray White website with a plethora of glowing reviews. But with the recent comments surfacing the web, Marsh’s Facebook pages and Ray White profile have been completely wiped.

Marsh’s former agency, Ray White Aspley, have also limited comments on their Facebook page.

This isn’t the first time a Ray White real estate agent was punished for their online buffoonery. In May, 23-year-old Ray White Macarthur Group real estate agent Abhnit Kumar was suspended after he basically admitted to inflating the housing market on Facebook. Fucking yikes.

According to news.com.au, Marsh was contemplating taking legal action against Ray White.

Image source: Prime Video / Vivarium