A Melb Real Estate Publicly Gloated About A $225 Rent Hike & Got Rightfully Torched For It

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A Melbourne real estate agency has been slammed for boasting about a $225 rent increase in an email newsletter sent to the tenant after the company raised their rent. The fuckin’ stones on this lot, hey.

Reddit user u/TooManyQuesos2005 posted a screenshot in late July of a newsletter she received from real estate agency Ironfish. She claimed it landed in her inbox shortly after her rent was upped by $400 per month.

My rent just went up $400 a month and the agency sent me an email bragging about it…
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A Melb Real Estate Publicly Gloated About A $225 Rent Hike & Got Rightfully Torched For It

God, that’s so bleak and I’m feeling for the poor bugger who had that $900 per month hike in their rent.

There’s not a shadow of doubt in my mind that this email was meant to be sent out to landlords and property owners so they can all slap each other on the back while renters are living in mould-riddled houses with dogshit insulation in the thick of winter.

Other renters jumped into the comments to share their similar experiences with seeing through the real estate looking glass. Their stories were just as bleak and detailed the sheer incompetence of some real estate agents out there.

“Our agent once sent us the minutes from the body corporate meeting clearly meant for the landlord,” one Redditor replied.

“I got a newsletter meant for owners once too, it was a very different vibe than my dealings with them as a tenant,” another wrote.

Another Redditor claimed the Melbourne real estate agency also bragged about the astronomical rent increase in a now-deleted post on its public Instagram. That is a CHOICE.

Even though Reddit has a pretty strong distaste towards landlords, a couple of them jumped into the comments to share their disgust at the behaviour of the real estate agency.

“As someone who rents out a property, that email sickens me,’ one replied.

“I’m sorry, OP, that you’ve been gouged and then shat upon by people who think making money in all circumstances and without any conscience is a good thing.”

Honestly, renters have a pretty good feeling that a lot of agents and landlords definitely don’t give a shit about them so this really just reinforces that idea.

This flavour of vindication is pretty fuckin’ bittersweet though.