The Dumbass On His Horse At A Border Protest Was Fined $7k For Breaching Both NSW & QLD Orders

Queensland horse man fined

A Queensland stuntman has been fined more than $7,000 after he rocked up to an anti-lockdown protest in Coolangatta and rode across the border with NSW while shouting: “They cannot arrest all of us.”

The man in question is 52-year-old Michael Corrigan, an actual stuntman who has been involved in films like Thor: Ragnarok, The Wolverine and Superman Returns, ABC News reports.

“Cross over, everyone go across the border,” Corrigan was filmed shouting on Sunday.

He was fined $4,135 by Queensland Police, and fined another $3,000 by NSW Police, for breaching public health orders in the two states.

Gold Coast Acting Chief Superintendent Rhys Wildman slammed the protest in general but singled out Corrigan and his horse for being particularly foolish.

“It was actually quite reckless what he did, riding through the crowd,” he said on Wednesday afternoon.

“There were a lot of families, young children, and he actually – a number of times – rode through the crowd trying to whip the crowd into a bit of frenzy.”

News Corp reports that Queensland Police are also across the other penalties that’ve been issued south of the border.

“[I’m] well aware that there are other enforcement activities being undertaken by NSW Police against this same male and, obviously, what we want to reinforce is if you’re looking to participate in these kinds of activities, you are liable to face these types of fines and be held accountable,” Wildman added.

The dual fines are pretty hefty when combined, but that’s what you get for horsing around during lockdown.