QLD MP Reveals Potential Reforms to Halal Certification, Except It Already Exists

Queensland Liberal MP Andrew Laming is pretty hellbent on stopping those pesky profiteering Halal certification companies. They definitely aren’t trying to offer foodstuffs culturally suitable for people of certain religions! They’re actually trying to rip everyone off and fund terrorism! Obviously!

The current process is too expensive, is profiteering – although I don’t have direct evidence of that, I have evidence that the charges are higher than kosher which is actually a more complicated process,” he told Fairfax Media
So he’s created reforms, allegedly with the approval for the Federal cabinet. The reforms will allow businesses to claim halal status for their products without having to get religious certification.

It is unfortunate however, that Laming’s contribution to the issue has actually made everything more confusing, and actually hasn’t changed anything at all – companies can already claim halal status for their products without getting religious certification. The Australian Food and Grocery Council told SMH that Australian food manufacturers could already make such a claim, but obviously must be able to substantiate this if questioned.

Laming is keeping any further detail of his plan to himself for now, but reckons he’s got ministerial support already though. Also, you might know him better as the dude who poured flammable oil on himself in Parliament last month, and got given 24 hours in the naughty corner for it. So it just goes to show our IQ levels don’t really affect whether you’ll be able to get into parliament or not, so there’s that I guess.

via SMH
Image via PETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images