Liberal National MP Andrew Laming will now undergo cultural sensitivity training after it was revealed that he had bullied two women online, and was less than remorseful in his Parliamentary apology.

On Friday, Laming apologised for cyberbullying two women. One woman even claimed that the alleged abuse she received from Laming made her contemplate suicide.

“I want to express my regret and deep apologies for the hurt and the distress that communication may have caused,” Laming said in Parliament on Thursday.

“I want to retract those comments and issue a public unreserved apology.”

Shortly after Laming’s apology in Parliament, the MP made a joke on Facebook messenger that he didn’t even know what he was apologising for, followed by a string of laughing emojis.

“I’m actually surprised by the response – not as good as skulling [beer] though,” Laming wrote.

“In this climate – I willingly apologise – I didn’t even know what I was apologising for.”

Andrew Laming
Image: The Daily Telegraph

However, Laming told that the emojis were an accident and they were a mystery pocket post. Ok, boomer.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke to Andrew Laming before his apology, which is what prompted Laming to get up in Parliament. Morrison has now spoken to Laming a second time after the emoji debacle, and said Laming will be attending cultural sensitivity training.

“I spoke to him again this morning, and I am arranging for Mr Laming to now get appropriate assistance, a private course, to build his understanding and awareness about his actions,” Morrison said.

“I want to see behaviour change. And that’s, you know, we’ve all got a job to do with that. And he certainly has a job to do on this and we’ve discussed this very directly, this morning, and he’s agreed to participate in that, and then submit himself to that as he should.”

Image: Australian Parliament