Taxpayer-Funded Gronk Andrew Laming Has Conveniently Opened Up About His New ADHD Diagnosis

Andrew Laming

Liberal MP Dr Andrew Laming has opened up about a recent ADHD diagnosis to, which some colleagues have attributed to a spate of outbursts that left his career “in flames”.

“As a medically trained person, I really genuinely just had no idea that ADHD and hyperactivity was an adult condition,” the outgoing MP said.

While Laming, who is a medical doctor himself, said the psychiatric diagnosis was “not an excuse” for his past behaviour, some of his friends have said it might explain some of his past choices.

One friend, eye surgeon Dr Peter Sumich, told that the ADHD diagnosis helps to explain “why Andrew Laming is a dickhead”.

“I thought, ‘Shit, that’s what Lammo has got. That’s Lammo to a ‘T’ because he’s so disorganised, but he is so bright, he can’t stick on any task for any length of time’,” he told the website.

While having ADHD definitely does not make someone more or less of a dickhead than they otherwise would be, it’s curious to see the diagnosis being used to explain Laming’s track record of, well, being a dickhead.

In March this year, Laming was accused of abusing two women on Facebook, one of whom alleged Laming had bullied her online for six years.

Shortly after, a third woman came forward to allege that Laming had taken a photo of her bending over without her consent. These allegations prompted the PM to make Laming undergo empathy training.

Of course these are just two of the more recent and serious examples of his years-long track record of weird and/or shitty behavior.

In 2016, for example, the terminally online MP spent 11 hours in the comments section of the Simpsons Against The Liberals Facebook page arguing over a meme that was made about him.

One thing that’s good to hear, regardless of how much of a dickhead someone might be, is that the medication Laming is now taking has apparently been helping.

“I was stunned that I had taken a tablet and the thoughts I had lived with, all my life, raging in my head were just polite,” he said.

After the recent bullying and inappropriate photo scandals, Laming has said he’d step down at the next federal election.

That means we should be hearing less about him in the not-too-distant future.