Andrew Laming Yeeted Himself Off FB After Racist Australia Day Post About Petrol Sniffing

Andrew Laming has once again proven his name correct, he is LAME. The Liberal National MP made an extremely racist post on Facebook regarding Australia Day and now it looks like his FB page has been taken down.

On Saturday afternoon, Laming made an awfully offensive post that made a correlation between denying Australia Day and “petrol sniffing.”


But Laming didn’t back down and stood by his comments, speaking at a press conference on Saturday afternoon.

“No apologies,” he said.

“No one could objectively call these comments racist – that’s because they’re not.”

Apparently Laming thinks that racial stereotyping isn’t racist. So if that’s not racist, what is then?


The post and his account disappeared from Facebook multiple times throughout the day on Saturday. But it looks like neither will be coming back anytime soon, as today it appeared that both his ministerial and regular Facebook pages had been deleted.

When asked about why his page disappeared from Facebook on Saturday, he told 9News that he took it down so that he could “go fishing.” Which literally makes zero sense.

These kind of stereotypes are super harmful because they date back to Australia’s policy of assimilation, where the Australian government believed Indigenous Australians needed to change their way of living to match white Australia, and that of course lead to awful things like the stolen generation. It implied that they were the problem, when in fact, it was our fucked government that was the problem.

Laming’s opinion that Indigenous Australians are the cause of their own “social problems” is not only false but it’s very harmful considering all the trauma left behind by assimilation and the stolen generation.

The fact that Andrew Laming doesn’t recognise how this is racist, only shows his ignorance. It’s the same kind of ignorance that people in favour of the Australia day date have. They simply can’t recognise why it’s racist, and refuse to do so.

It IS racist. Now why don’t YOU get the fuck over it?