Punters At A $20 Perth Comedy Night Score Surprise Set By Chris Fkn Rock

Ah, nothing like a bit of local comedy. Popping down to the Chuckle Hut or the Laugh Factory, grabbing a beer with mates, unexpectedly catching a brand-new Chris Rock set – wait. 
Yep, punters at Perth‘s Comedy Lounge were treated to an absolutely bonkers surprise act last night: the Chris Rock, in town to play a show at the Perth Arena, and taking a moment on the night before the big show to test-drive his new material in front of 170 stunned locals. 
Director of the Comedy Lounge John McAllister said the world-famous comic initially shocked the audience into silence:

“It was meant to be top secret so we couldn’t say anything to the audience, but then the MC got on stage and said, ‘Please welcome to the stage our special guest Chris Rock’.

“Everyone just stared at him because they were so star-struck. And then he started making them laugh and they absolutely loved him.”
The half-hour set was, unsurprisingly, a massive success, with McAllister astutely observing:
“I mean, apart from maybe Jerry Seinfeld, there is no bigger name in comedy.”
According to punters and the other acts on the bill, Rock was a bloody lovely guy as well:

There you go. Magic really does happen on the Australian comedy circuit.
Image: Facebook / Comedy Lounge.