Prince Frederik Got Denied Entry To A QLD Pub Because He Didn’t Have ID

In a yarn that’s simultaneously a complete indictment on the outrageously silly lockout laws, and also really, really, really funny, Prince Frederik of Denmark and his associated entourage were reportedly denied entry to a pub in Queensland because the Danish royal was not carrying ID.

The 49-year-old Crown Prince was reportedly turned away from the Jade Buddha bar at Brisbane’s Eagle St Pier just before midnight on Friday, because security officials refused to let him inside unless he produced some sort of ID.

Frederik, who met his wife Princess Mary at a pub in Sydney during the 2000 Olympics, seemingly fell afoul of the restrictive lockout laws in Queensland, which dictates that anyone entering a licensed venue in a “Safe Nights Precinct” area after 10pm must have their ID – be that a driver’s license or passport – scanned by security.

Only problem with that, is that publicans have pointed out the fact that the scanners required by the laws are both exorbitantly expensive – costing some $8,000 each – and carry the tiny issue of not being able to fit most foreign passports, meaning scores of tourists, backpackers, and foreign workers have been turned away from pubs in Brisbane since the law came into effect on July 1st.

Frederik and his crew, reportedly baffled by the whole shebang, left and returned 15 minutes later – this time with seven Queensland police officers from the “dignitary protection unit” whatever the christ that’s supposed to be. The officers ensured the venue owners that they had spoken to bureaucrats from the Office of Liquor and Gaming who had given the Prince and his pals the green light to bypass the ID laws and enter the venue.

They’d gotten this inside 15 minutes, at around midnight on a Friday. Yeah bloody right.

Regardless, Jade Buddha co-owner Phil Hogan stated he believed foreign dignitaries should be excluded from ID regulations (lol), and that he and scores of other venue managers always knew the laws were “going to be a nightmare.”

But oh god, to be a fly on the wall when Freddie first approached that bouncer.

ID please.”
“I… I’m the Prince of Denmark?”
“Yeah, and I’m the bloody King of Spain. Either show me ID or fuck off, mate.”

Next time Freddy maybe just go get royally rotten on a few mangoes at the Brunno while belting out some karaoke. If you’re not carrying ID then you might as well try and blend in with the locals.