QLD Government Planning To Follow In Sydney’s Footsteps, Push For Lockout Laws

Queensland, your nights out may soon end prematurely, as the QLD State government is planning a strong push for lockout laws in bars and clubs, according to the Brisbane Times. 

The move follows on from Barry O’Farrell‘s coup de grace before GrangeGate – Sydney’s infamous lockout laws which restrict nightlife to 1:30 AM, refusing punters entry into bars and clubs in certain areas of Sydney after that time. The Queensland government similarly wishes to address alcohol-fuelled violence, with plans to introduce lockout laws underway. The laws differ slightly to Sydney’s current situation; Brisbane Times reports that the government’s plans will include an earlier lockout to Sydney of 1am, rather than 1:30 am, with no shots to be ordered after midnight and a closure of venues at 3am. 
Attorney General of Queensland Yvette D’ath put her support behind the laws, saying:
“Not only are these policies supported by the evidence, they’re also supported by everyday Queenslanders. The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education shows over 80 per cent of Queenslanders support 3am closing for pubs, clubs and bars and over 60 per cent support a 1am lockout.”

However, as I’m sure many Queensland m8s reading this will agree, support for the introduction of the laws is not unanimous. Head of the Valley Liquor Accord and campaigner against the laws Nick Braban told the Brisbane Times,
“Anti-social behaviour is a cultural problem, not an operational one. People will still engage in poor behaviour because of societal attitudes to drinking. Our concern is that closing the Valley down will simply kill small business, the majority of which are helping to change how adults consume alcohol by offering a quality over quantity experience.”

Yvette D’ath reportedly said the laws will come under review after consulting researchers, academics, police and other stakeholders for assessment.