President Obama Jumps On Funeral Selfie Bandwagon; Michelle Obama Does Not Approve

Selfies: international pastime of fresh-faced teens, respected foreign dignitaries and world leaders attending the somber memorial service of Nelson Mandela alike. The point of much contention and reams of academic analysis, selfies tend to divide humanity into two camps: believers and haters. There can be no liminal in between. Today, one selfie is drawing the admiration and ire of an Internet divided; and for once it is not Malia O’s #WIWT Wednesday selfie documenting her cute beach look and #hot #sexy #summer #swag. 
After delivering an incredibly moving eulogy commemorating the life of the ebullient South African icon Madiba, one of the most photographed men in the world US President Barack Obama naturally sought to document the occasion for posterity and future Throwback Thursday’s sake – just in case someone absentmindedly forgot to take a memorial keepsake capturing the glow of a really fun day out – and so partook of a #selfie with his third and eighth best friends [respectively] British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, known colloquially and stylishly as Gucci due to her being chic as sin and also Scandinavian
According to blatant conjecture and fan fic fuelled Internet speculation, FLOTUS and Beyoncé’s mentor-sister, Michelle Obama, did not approve of the funereal frivolity and in the following series of photographs – presented without further commentary – one can observe the stages of shade served in Mobama’s characteristic, masterful increments as Barack is condemned from the White House to the Dog House.
In related news, the bleakly popular Tumblr Selfies At Funerals today dropped the mic and announced that, following The Obama Mandela Memorial Selfie, its work on this planet was done and thus it would be laid to rest. 
The Lord giveth a meme, the Lord taketh away a Tumblr.
Bonus dorks:
Photos: Chip Somodevilla, Alexander Joe via Getty