There’s never been a better time to be the Prime Minister of Australia taking a selfie with the outgoing President of the United States.

Malcolm Turnbull and Barack Obama apparently had good chats at the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation in Lima, Peru, discussing things like how to defeat ISIS and why people who are not their children insist on calling them daddy.

The meeting was their final one before Obama exits the White House and a megalomaniac takes his place, and so to mark this most auspicious occasion, Turnbull whipped out his phone and took a grainy selfie.

That, mates, is the type of photo that looks like it should be followed with, “And can you make it out to ‘Malcolm’?”

“It’s a great moment but a sad moment to have our last meeting in your capacity as President of the United States,” said Turnbull in public remarks after the meeting. “Our alliance has got stronger than ever.”

Obama agreed. “It’s not often where I have a meeting and I’ve got nothing to disagree with… usually there’s something to keep us busy.” Christ this is a love-in.

They obviously touched on Trump, with Obama promising a “strong hand-off” to the Trump administration and Turnbull saying he was “very impressed” with Obama’s handling of the sitch, and neither acknowledging the catastrophic disaster that his transition team is orchestrating.

“We want America to succeed under the new president just as it succeeded under your leadership,” said Turnbull. “Your statesmanship and generosity sets a great example.”

Well, dream big, I guess.

Photo: Facebook / Malcolm Turnbull.