Police Confirm Headless Torso Found Is That Of Missing Journalist Kim Wall

Grim news. Police have confirmed that the headless female torso found on the water’s edge in Copenhagen is definitely that of missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall, believed to have died on an amateur-built submarine earlier this month.

Copenhagen police investigator Jens Moeller said that DNA from the torso matched with Wall, and that blood found on the submarine was also a match.

On August 12 we secured a hair brush and a toothbrush to ensure her DNA. We also found blood in the submarine and there is a match.”

Police had previously confirmed that the arms and legs of the body had “deliberately been cut off.” In today’s sad update, Moeller said that the torso was also attached to a piece of metal, likely “with the purpose to make it sink“, and that police found marks indicating someone had tried to press air out of the body so it wouldn’t float.

He added that the body “washed ashore after having been at sea for a while.” It is reported that a member of the public found the torso on a beach while cycling on Copenhagen’s Amager island.

Danish inventor Peter Madsen has been charged with manslaughter over Wall’s death, after initially telling police that she had left his homemade submarine several hours into the trip, and he didn’t know what happened to her.

He later allegedly changed his story, telling authorities that an accident occurred onboard that led to her death, and that he had buried her at sea.

The cause of death is not yet known.