Submarine Owner Charged W/ Journo’s Death Had Torture Videos, Court Hears

The chilling story of the Danish submarine inventor Peter Madsen, who is currently on trial after being charged with the murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, has taken another dark turn.

Journalist Kim Wall. Source: Facebook.

To recap, Wall went onboard Madsen’s home-made submarine ‘UC3 Nautilus‘ in August as part of research for a story on the self-taught engineer. She went missing at sea, Madsen claimed she fell overboard, then claimed she died accidentally when a hatch fell on her.

On 23rd August, police found a headless female torso washed up in Copenhagen they later identified as Wall. Madsen has denied decapitating Wall, saying he buried her body at sea.

Peter Madsen’s submarine. Source: Ole Jensen – Corbis / Getty.

The latest evidence presented at his trial has been the post-mortem discovery of stab wounds to Wall’s ribcage and genitals, which occurred “around or shortly after her death,” according to prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen.

DNA tests taken from Madsen’s face, nails and neck also showed matches with Wall, and – perhaps most concerningly – video footage found on a computer that was on Madsen’s submarine showed images a police prosecutor they “presume to be real” of women being tortured via strangulation and decapitation.

Madsen denied the videos belonged to him. He was apparently working on a space rocket in his lab.

“They are the space laboratory’s tools which have been used by everyone in the laboratory,” he told the court.

Madsen continues to remain detained as authorities continue their investigation.