Headless Torso Of Woman Found Near Where Journo Went Missing On Submarine

Well, the story of the missing journalist and the sunken homemade submarine got a whole lot darker today. Hours after the Danish inventor charged with killing Kim Wall confessed that she died onboard his vessel, a headless female torso was found on the water’s edge in Copenhagen.

Earlier, Copenhagen police released a statement confirming that Peter Madsen had changed his earlier story – that he had dropped Wall off at a restaurant before the submarine sank – and admitted that she died thanks to an accident on the vessel:

The accused has told police and the court that an accident occurred on board the submarine which caused Kim Wall’s death, and that he subsequently buried her at sea at an unspecified location somewhere in Køge Bay. Copenhagen Police can additionally confirm that the current charges remain in place. No further information will be given with regard to the investigation of the case, since it is being conducted behind closed doors.

Police said in a press conference that it is still too early to identify the body, which was missing its head, legs and arms.

“It is clear that the police, like the media and everybody else, is speculating whether this female body is Kim Wall, but it is way too soon to tell,” Copenhagen police spokesman Jens Moller said.

Madsen has been charged with manslaughter over Wall’s disappearance, a charge that he still denies. He went before a judge on Saturday for preliminary questioning, but the case and its details is not open to the public. This is not uncommon in Denmark.

Ms Wall originally boarded Mr Madsen’s 17-metre submarine back on August 10, and has not been seen since. The UC3 Nautilus sank on August 11, which police allege was deliberately a result of actions Madsen took to scuttle evidence. No body was discovered on the wreck of the submarine, but police have not divulged whether they found anything else.

We’ll keep you posted on this one.