Police Again Involved In Ferguson Shooting, One Year After Michael Brown’s Death

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Protests marking the one year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown has been interrupted by another “officer involved” shooting in the city of Ferguson, Missouri.
The city was the site of turmoil, civil unrest, mass protesting, and a wildly over-powered and heavily criticised police response, sparked by the death of Brown – an unarmed black teenager who was shot dead by St Louis police officer Darren Wilson August 9th, 2014.
The one year anniversary observances began early on Sunday (US time) where people took to the street in peaceful protest, standing silent for four and a half minutes to mark the four and a half hours that Brown’s body lay in the street unattended for.
Carrying placards espousing the mantras of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” and “Black Lives Matter” that have become catch-cries for urgently needed societal change – with particular reference to the massive occurrences of black citizens being shot and killed by US police forces – the crowds marked the daytime hours with both solemn vigil for Brown and his family, as well as impassioned pleas for change.
But violence again broke out between St Louis Police and Ferguson residents at night, with gunfire shattering the otherwise peaceful observances.
St Louis County PD has outwardly stated that the incident was an “officer involved” shooting, and that two unmarked police vehicles had taken hits.

Official reports have been scarce, and seem to be attempting to downplay the situation. Reports indicate that at least two people have been shot.

Posts made via social media, however, paint another – and very disturbing – picture.
Photos reposted by internet activist group Anonymous clearly show a shooting victim lying on the ground with a single officer standing over him.

Footage taken at the scene by an enraged resident shows both the shooting victim, as well as police officers trying to move the man on and prevent him from filming further, before ultimately arresting and detaining him.

Raw vision from the scene captures the moment that gunshots began, catching Interim Ferguson Police Chief Andre Anderson mid-interview.

Footage captured elsewhere clearly shows the chaos that erupts as shots ring out – with as many as 30 shots clearly heard.

The police response to the situation appears to again be shockingly heavyhanded, with riot squad gear and military-grade equipment rolled out into the streets, as police formed strong line against otherwise peaceful citizens.
The imagery emerging from the streets of Ferguson is stark, confronting, and exceptionally powerful.

The problem remains enormous – in the year since Michael Brown’s shooting, some THREE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN black American citizens have reportedly died during confrontations with Police.

That statistic alone should be enough to send chills up your spine.
But the sad truth of the issue is that Black Lives Matter is a horrific situation with systemic failures from authority at its roots. And it’s one that, sadly, the institution seems content to refuse its existence as a problem at all.
Photos: Scott Olson via Getty Images.