WATCH: Police Fire Smoke And Tear Gas On Media In Ferguson

Following the announcement that a Grand Jury has ruled that St Louis police officer Darren Wilson will not face charges over the August 9th shooting death of unarmed black teen Mike Brown, the surrounding town of Ferguson, Missouri has reacted angrily.

Very shortly after the decision was announced at around 8:30pm local time, reports of gunfire near the Ferguson PD headquarters were confirmed by St Louis County PD Twitter feeds.
Police – already under scrutiny for their overtly militaristic display of force during the initial public pushback following the shooting – were dispatched to the streets of Ferguson in preparation for the decision, which was expected to cause significant anger among the community.
Following the result, the order to disperse was given and police moved in quickly. As evidenced by the footage above, shit got scary in a big hurry.
Meanwhile, the area around Ferguson has been declared a no-fly zone, preventing aerial news coverage of the developing scene.

It’s becoming rapidly clear that despite calls for calm from Mike Brown’s parents, from President Barack Obama, from officials on both sides of the argument, tonight night in Ferguson will be anything but.