Ferguson Cop Somehow Escapes Charges Over Shooting Death Of Mike Brown

In a decision that’s expected to cause widespread protest and unrest across America, Police Officer Darren Wilson has escaped any and all charges over the shooting death of unarmed black teen Mike Brown in the town of Ferguson – a small community neighbouring St Louis in the US state of Missouri.

A Grand Jury had convened to determine with Officer Wilson should be indicted to stand trial on a scale of charges ranging from first degree murder through to manslaughter, hearing over 70 hours of evidence from 60 witnesses. Despite a wide range of conflicting evidence from witnesses, the jury determined that Officer Wilson would not be indicted on any charge, and thus his guilt or innocence would not have to be determined via a trial.
The decision was held over until approximately 8:30pm local time, with police dispatched to contain the growing number of protesters convening in the surrounding streets, leading to fears of a violent community reaction to the decision.
The role of a Grand Jury in the United States is to determine the need for a deeper inquiry into an incident, not to judge guilt or innocence.
The August 9th shooting death of Brown sparked angry reaction from the local, predominantly black, community. The resulting heavy handed police response shone an unpleasant spotlight on the wildly over-militarised nature of US police forces.
Mike Brown’s family has released a statement on the decision, expressing profound disappointment, but stressing the need for positive change to come out of the horrific situation.

Social media has already angrily reacted to the decision, particularly given St Louis county prosecutor lamented the role that social media played in the case in delivering the announcement.

The decision comes in the same week police in Ohio shot and killed a 12 year old boy who was waving a toy gun around in a playground.

UPDATE: St. Louis county PD confirms that shots have already been fired across from, and nearby, the Ferguson PD headquarters.

President Barack Obama has quickly moved to make a statement, calling for calm and peaceful protest, and joining Brown’s family’s sentiments in calling for positive change to emerge from this terrible scenario.
Photo: Michael B. Thomas via Getty Images.