Can Someone Please For The Love Of God Adopt Bob The Cat So He Stops Looking At Us Like That?

bob the cat rescue shelter perth

Friends, foes and funny folks — I come to you today with one simple request. It’s not a big ask. I don’t need help moving house, money or anything of that nature. I just need one of you to take one for the team and adopt this cat named Bob.

Why? Well, it’s quite obvious, really.

bob the cat western australia cat haven adoption
Don’t give me those eyes, dude. [Image: Supplied]
I need him to stop looking at me like this.

Like… really. He needs to quit it with that face. It is quite possibly the saddest face I have ever seen in my life.

bob the cat western australia cat haven adoption
[Image: Supplied]
He looks like a cartoon. Why does he look like a cartoon! Who let his eyes be that big and full of deep sorrow? What happened to Bob to leave him in a perpetual state of vibrating anxiety? WHO HURT YOU, BOBBY?

Amber at Cat Haven in Western Australia told me they don’t know too much about Bob. He came to them as a stray. Although he’s really quite nervous around people (can you tell?) he’s shown signs of improvement during his time in the shelter.

“He is just really sad in the shelter and just needs some love,” she said.

“He will need a slow introduction if there are other cats involved.”

Bob has been in the Shenton Park shelter since April 4th and has clearly just been absolutely devastated about it all. Absolutely beside himself over the whole concept of being off the streets and in a shelter where he gets fed, groomed and has a soft and warm place to sleep. The indignity of it all, my Lord.

bob the cat western australia cat haven adoption
So if you’re in Perth and you’re looking for a nervous little friend to love and love you in return, consider Bob.

Please, God, someone rescue Bob so we stop feeling deeply upset every time we look at or even think about this damn cat.