The Best News: Bob The Sad-Faced Cat Has Finally Found His Fur-Ever Home After Being Adopted


Folks, it has finally happened. Poor little Bob from the Cat Haven shelter in Western Australia has found a new home and I’m not crying — you’re crying. Actually let’s be honest, we’re all crying.

On Thursday, PEDESTRIAN.TV wrote a story about this incredibly adorable yet incredibly sad-faced cat named Bob.

Thankfully, it now gives us great joy to confirm that fluff-ball Bob has OFFICIALLY been adopted. Good things still do happen in this world!

On Friday, full-time PEDESTRIAN.TV journo and part-time cat adoption advocate Courtney Fry posted the heartwarming update via Twitter.

“Bob was adopted late yesterday evening thanks to your help!” The shelter wrote in an email. “Thanks again and what a happy ending!”

[Image: supplied]

With all the crap that’s going on in the world, sometimes we need a bitta’ good news.

According to staff at the shelter, Bob was showing signs of improvement after being taken in as a stray but was deffo still very sad (can you tell?????) and needed a lotta love.

Since the OG article was published, sad-faced Bob has been capturing hearts and minds across Australia.

This is probably due to the fact that he literally looks like a cute lil’ cartoon.

Why does he look like a cartoon? Who let his eyes be that big and full of deep sorrow? What happened to Bob to leave him in a perpetual state of vibrating anxiety?

Regardless, we can continue our weekends with more joy in our hearts now that Bob is safe and sound.

If you’ve been inspired by Bob’s story, you can also adopt a kitty of your own from the Cat Haven shelter from their website here.