A Shelter Threw A Bday Party For A 19 Y.O Cat That Got Removed From His Owner So Brb, Sobbing

In news that is so wholesome I literally teared up, an animal shelter in Ohio threw a birthday party for a 19-year-old kitty that had to be surrendered by his senior owner.

Cincinnati Animal CARE in Ohio threw a 19th birthday party for a very raggedy (but very handsome) cat called Sammy, complete with a sparkly hat to match his collar and a birthday cake – and the pictures have turned me into a blubbering mess.

“Recently, the staff at Kitty City learned that today is senior Sammy’s 19th birthday! Naturally, we threw him a birthday party!” Cincinnati Animal CARE said in their birthday Facebook post for Sammy.

“Happy birthday to this beautiful fella who would love a nice, quiet home to live out his golden years! The only rule for adopting Sammy though? You have to throw him a 20th birthday party on 6/15/22!

“Join us in wishing Sammy a happy birthday!”

If those pictures haven’t made your heart ache a little, Sammy’s story might just get the tears flowing, because he was actually placed into the shelter’s care under really sad circumstances.

Ray Anderson, a spokesperson for the Cincinnati Animal CARE, told Huffpost that Sammy was “in a loving home for many, many years,” but had to be surrendered because his owner had to go into assisted living, and he wasn’t allowed to bring the cat with him.

That’s how they knew when Sammy’s birthday was – his previous owner told them.

Just look at those sad eyes, omg. He misses his owner and my cat-obsessed heart honestly can’t bear it. Brb, composing myself.

Sammy Cat Birthday
Hi, this has emotionally destroyed me.

Okay, now that we’ve all taken big breaths, I’m so happy to tell you that Sammy’s fortune has taken a turn for the better, because two days after his little birthday party, he was adopted! And his new parents even bought him a little hat, bless.

Sammy new hat
A fashion king.

Look at this sweet boi getting all the snuggles and love he deserves. Maybe there’s some good in the world after all.