Plane Crash Survivor’s Selfie, Go-Pro Footage Is Equal Parts Terrifying and Amazing

A man who not only survived a plane crash but recorded the events on his Go-Pro camera for posterity’s sake then took a photo in front of the wreckage has today won Selfies, rendering void all those contributions made in the tedious teen effort to make The Selfie Olympics happen.
Ferdinand Puentes was one of nine people on board a Makani Kai Air Cessna that went down in the waters off Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii last month after the engine gave out and he began to live out your own worst nightmare, an ordeal he describes as follows: 

“As sirens and bells of airplane were going, it was quiet. Everyone knew what was going on. Seeing the water coming up real fast, the splash down when we hit the water. It just bit into me like am I dreaming.”

Mustering the wherewithal usually reserved for dramatic reenactments of those fake safety cards from Fight Club, Puentes filmed the impact on his Go-Pro before abandoning the fuselage and holding onto the wing in an effort to stay afloat. Wearing an inadequate life vest and struggling under the weight of steel-capped boots, the plane’s pilot gave Puentes a seat cushion to keep him buoyant for the hour before the Coast Guard arrived. 
Then he took a selfie:
via KOHN2, h/t GawkerBuzzfeed