British Bloke Posed For Cheesy Selfie With Cyprus Plane Hijacker

Yeah, okay. The demands of social media must be met. The plane hijacking on Tuesday – where Seif Eldin Mustafa redirected a domestic Egyptian flight to Cyprus for reasons that are still yet to be established – was also the scene for an idiot Brit to pose for an #historic selfie. 
Ben Innes, from Aberdeen, used his opportunity in what was still obviously a reasonably tense encounter to snap a quick selfie with the hijacker, who was eventually revealed to be wearing a belt of mobile phone covers – not explosives.
A friend of Mr Innes told Sky News he was “not surprised” by the photo. His mother confirmed to the same outlet that it’s exactly like him to think that sort of situation was funny. Frankly, it would be shocking if this weren’t his new profile picture on every social media platform available to him.
All hostages were successfully recovered from the plane hijacking, and authorities are attempting to determine the reasoning behind Mustafa’s actions. Cyprus’ foreign minister Ioannis Kasoulides said that Mustafa was “not a terrorist” and that “this is about the individual action of a person who is psychologically unstable.”
Anyway, here’s some tags Innes can use: #selfie #instafamous #iphoneoonly #hijacking #me #ootd.
Source: Sky News.
Image: Sky News.