World’s Most Famous Instagram Wall Cops The Vandalising It Probs Deserved

Spend enough time on Instagram and you’ve probably seen one: A photo taken from some waif dressed head to toe in Banana Republic gear, contorted in an agonisingly complicated “natural” stance, in front of a solid, bright pink wall.

[jwplayer gvkTjsCy]

That Pink Wall happens to be a feature of designer Paul Smith‘s store in West Hollywood. It is probably the single most famous Instagram wall in the known world.

And it just got the living hell tagged out of it.

The Pink Wall, which attracts constant crowds and increased traffic from punters clamouring to get that one perfect shot in front of it, copped a pizzling from LA-based street artist Thrashbird over night, who sprawled the wall’s entire span with a less-than-subtle “GO FUCK UR SELFIE.”

Frankly, it’s glorious work.

Solid areas, TBH. Can only commend the hustle.

Unfortunately for residents and anyone whose eyebrows furrow at staged Instagrammery, the vandalism hasn’t stopped anyone from trying to run a few numbers.

Punters visiting the site while the tag was up were simply going around the corner to a portion of the all-pink building that wasn’t painted over.

And, as you’d imagine, crews at the store have been quick to move in and begin rectifying the damage, with painters already on the scene working to put a fresh coat on the world-famous wall.

So, at the end of the day, it’s all back to normal. The sun rises, the sun sets, and the Pink Wall remains a vital itinerary entry for anyone heading to Coachella.

All is as it should be. Everything it its right place.