‘Rage’ Is Going All-Pink Floyd Tonight So Tell Dad To Grab The “Special Vase”

Quietly, the ABC’s own ministry of sound Rage is turning Monday nights into the best night of the week, thanks to their Vault initiative diving deep into metal’s depths to take the sting out of the new week one big riff at a time.

[jwplayer sgZltNZK]

Tonight they may well have outdone themselves – at least as far as your Dad’s concerned.

The good folk at Rage are pulling a repeat of a highly praised past episode by dropping a brand new all-Pink Floyd episode from the wee hours of tonight.


And folks, we cannot stress this enough: It is wall-to-Wall Pink Floyd. From the moment the show goes to air later tonight to the moment it ends in the bleary-eyed AM.

The full playlist, which is available to look at right bloomin’ now, kicks off with a 1-2 punch of Floyd’s biggest hits Money and Another Brick in the Wall, before delving into the band’s back catalogue, pulling out a few choice live clips (including one recorded at Sydney’s Randwick Racecourse in 1971), before rounding off with some of Roger Waters more pointed solo work.

20-years-old, just discovering how to craft your own Gatorade Saxophone, only watched Videodrome for the first time last week and keen to sleep through your second-year philosophy classes at Uni tomorrow? This has got your name written all over it.

Rad Dad still grimly holding onto the dream tighter than your rapidly-disintegrating ’88 tour t-shirt? It’s your night, my dude.

Rage‘s all-Pink Floyd special kicks off at precisely 1:00am tonight. Settle in for a sick one, mates.