Rich dude who notices an exponential relationship between “cool” and the amount of millions attributed to it, Sean Parker staged a Game Of Thrones/Lord Of The Rings/Avatar inspired wedding with his wife Alexandra Lenas, having friends and family humour him by playing along with the cosplaying fantasy known as his so-called life.

In June, Parker received harsh criticism about his lavish wedding and wrote a 9000 word rant on Tech Crunch, which he kicks off by saying, “My wife Alexandra and I met five years ago, fell in love, and almost immediately began fantasizing about our wedding day, which, we both agreed, should take place deep within an enchanted forest.” Enchanted forest—AS YOU DO. Carry on, Sean Parker.

After describing his dream wedding as “lush”, “surreal”, “spiritual but not overtly religious”, Parker details the backlash in a statement that does zero favours for his perceived lunacy, commenting on the eco-haters who criticised his wedding as a heartless destruction on the environment as “The sort of angry invective normally reserved for genocidal dictators.” I mean, you couldn’t script the man if you tried.

Anyhoo, groom-provided commentary aside, Vanity Fair have officially released photographs taken at the Big Sur ceremony. Featured in the series is a nine foot tall wedding cake, furs draped over guests’ chairs in the lavish reception area blooming with flowers, details of his guests’ bespoke costumes designed for the wedding including the entire Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeroes troupe somehow looking more twee and lovely than usual; a ‘feast pavilion’ with rotisserie pigs, guests casually supplied with bunnies to complete the fairytale as picturesque, and velvet gowns everyplace. Billionaires, amirite?

You can find all the “subtle” and “tasteful” details of Sean Parker’s quiet wedding here.

Via Vanity Fair.