Sean Parker Had a $10 Mil. ‘Game Of Thrones’ Themed Wedding Because That’s Cool

Overnight on the Planet Moon of Endor Justin Timberlake impersonator Sean Parker collected the dowry of his betrothed, songwriter Alexandra Lenas of House Targaryen, in a ‘Game of Thrones’ meets Victorian Steampunk-themed wedding. This wasn’t a regular million dollar wedding though, because a wedding that costs a million dollars isn’t cool; you know what’s cool? A wedding that costs $10 million dollars.

Before 300 witnesses and their daughter Winter Victoria, the former Facebook president and Napster co-founder wed Lenas in front of a ruined castle structure purpose built for the occasion at a coastal retreat in Big Sur, California. 

Lord of the Rings costume designer Ngila Dickson was hired to create bespoke costumes with Victorian flair “that [were] both modern and whimsical” for each guest, a ragtag cast of extras in the elaborate cosplay that is Sean Parker’s so-called life.

“Just because we don’t trust our guests to dress themselves properly,” Parker said on Twitter in April, “doesn’t mean we want them to look like [Game of Thrones] characters.”

I don’t know Sean, pretty sure Joffrey has a robe just like this. “No flowers. I said no flowers.”:

via Reuters