Just us, or is it easy to forget just how successful Flume aka Harley Streten is these days? Like, we *get* it – but it really is somethin’. 

He’s quite literally taking the music world by storm, blowing everyone away with ‘Skin’, playing Glastonbury, Coachella and everyotherfestival and selling out Quodos Bank Arena (formerly Allphones Arena) as part of his forthcoming world tour. You know who else sells out Qoka Arena? Drake. Drake does.

As our biggest electro export, you know he’s banking them $$$ – and the proof is in the $200K Tesla he’s been spotted driving around Sydney’s Northern Beaches, apparently a well-deserved present-to-self. 

Flume Owns A $200K Tesla, Personally Gave Elon Musk Tips On Improving It

But being able to afford the electric Model S supercar isn’t even the craziest thing about his meteoric rise to fame, as Flume shared via a delightful anecdote for Rolling Stone Australia’s July 2016 issue (on sale now).

It involves Elon Musk, the actual creator and CEO of Tesla, Sean Parker, the multi-billionaire co-founder of Napster and former president of Facebook, and one very starstruck Aussie.

Here it is in full:

There have been many “ok, this is insane” moments for , the 24-year-old who is steadily taking over the music world as Flume. But one of the most insane came late last year when he was in Los Angeles with Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow. The two of them were in a studio finishing up work on a song, when Wyatt casually mentioned he was going to dinner at his friend Sean’s house. He invited Streten along.

Sean turned out to be Sean Parker, the multi-billionaire co-founder of Napster and former president of Facebook.

On arriving at the house, which used to be owned by Ellen DeGeneres and is next door to the Playboy mansion, Streten noticed a charcoal-coloured Tesla parked outside, exactly the same luxury electric car that he owns. He commented on it to Wyatt and a nearby security guard said, “That’s actually not Mr. Parker’s car. It belongs to Elon Musk. He’s in a meeting with Mr. Parker.” Musk is the CEO of Tesla.

“So Elon comes in, we get talking and he asks me if I have any ideas about improvements they could make to the Tesla,” says Streten. “It was unbelievable. And then Sean came out and we hung out and had drinks. He showed me these 12 gold statues in the back of his house representing the animals of the Chinese zodiac. They were lit up by all these hovering drones. I woke up the next day and thought, ‘OK, this is insane.'”

UMMMMMMMMM, you reckon?

Don’t forget to wave at us little guys when you’re at the very top, eh Harley.

Flume Owns A $200K Tesla, Personally Gave Elon Musk Tips On Improving It

Source: Rolling Stone Australia.

Photo: Cybele Malinowski.