Pete Evans Is Opening A “Healing Clinic” & Maybe He Can Find A Cure For His Own Stupidity

Pete Evans

Celebrity chef-turned-conspiracy theorist Pete Evans is opening a “healing clinic” Byron Bay, which is interesting considering he has absolutely no medical qualifications.

Evans took to social media on Tuesday to announce the news, telling fans that there will be upcoming franchise opportunities if anybody else wants to run their own bullshit Pete Evans clinic.

“Four weeks until we open our very first clinic. Stay tuned for more information and how you can open your own too for anyone interested,” he wrote in the post.

The clinic, which will be located in Byron Bay’s ‘Habitat’ retail precinct, will open in four weeks to offer “transformational practises” and cryotherapy among other services.

It is important to note that although Pete Evans likes to spew a whole bunch of medical conspiracy theory bullshit on social media, he is not qualified to actually practice any sort of medicine or therapy.

To be quite honest, I’d take my chances buying some dodgy magic mushrooms from somebody on the side of the road in Byron Bay over going to Pete Evans’ “healing clinic”, but that’s just me.

The news comes after Pete Evans was slapped with a huge fine from the Therapeutic Goods Administration for claiming that the $15,000 glorified lava lamp known as the BioCharger could cure or prevent the coronavirus.

Since then, he’s spewed a bunch of shit on 60 Minutes and completely lost his mind on Instagram, sharing the same sort of New World Order conspiracy bullshit your mates from high school shared after listening to precisely one Shane Dawson video.