Pete Evans Is Reportedly ‘Furious’ About His I’m A Celeb Sacking & Has Fkd Off Back To Byron

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Following the news that Pete Evans has been unceremoniously booted from I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, an insider is claiming that Pete’s bloody furious about it and given his recent actions, and this makes me very happy.

TV Blackbox’s Rob McKnight appeared on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa today where he claimed that the controversial telly personality was dumped by Ten at 6.30am this morning.

“This morning at 6:30am the call came through from [ViacomCBS Australia and New Zealand chief content officer] Bev McGarvey to the ITV production house and she said, ‘He’s out! Do not let him go into the jungle’.”

Rob said that Pete’s “now packing up his bags and returning to Byron Bay and he is apparently furious.”

The eyes would be poppin’ right now.

I can just picture Pete in some shitty hotel, packing his generous assortment of tinfoil hats into a bag and removing the pins, news clippings, and various other paraphernalia from his 5G conspiracy theory board that he’s had set-up while being forced to quarantine against his will. Fuck me, I wish they’d film this shit.

When asked how long he was in the jungle for before being given the boot, McKnight said: “A grand total of about three minutes! Well he’s been in lockdown, ready to go into the jungle.”

He went on to address the disgusting Facebook post Pete Evans dropped yesterday, which featured a Nazi symbol and (rightfully) resulted in him being ditched by publisher Pan Macmillan.

“What it was was caterpillar turning into a butterfly, now that’s harmless enough but the problem is there was a neo-Nazi symbol on the butterfly so, did Evans know that it was a Nazi symbol? The answer is yes,” Rob added.

“One of the subscribers to his Facebook said, ‘Do you know that is the black sun,’ and he replied, ‘I was waiting for someone to notice that’.

So there is no doubt that he did know what the symbolism of this symbol was created by Heimrich Himmler, one of the biggest names in Nazi Germany.”

He went on to discuss the aforementioned publishing deal between Pete Evans and Pan Macmillan, which is now “done and dusted, severed all ties, will not publish any more books from him.”

Apparently “this left Channel Ten in a bind, they obviously brought Schappelle Corby in for SAS Australia, which resulted in a lot of ratings. Channel Ten normally skirt controversy but they decided they want ratings so they picked Pete Evans.”

Julia Morris was on your show last week, and the PR campaign instructed by Channel Ten to talk up Pete Evans as part of getting the public used to the idea. Now this Nazi symbolism is not a good look, you can have opinions about a lot of stuff but it when it comes to Nazi stuff.”

Very true, yep.