Does your dog ever start limping randomly or behaving in a way that makes you immediately google their symptoms? And then you spiral, because you think there’s something wrong with your dog when maybe they’re just having a day? And it’s not like we can take our dogs to the vet every single time because maybe… it’s just gas, you know? Not to mention, a lot of us are still in lockdown, which makes those not-quite-emergency vet visits difficult. Enter VetChat, an online service connecting you (read: me) to expert vets.

A mate told me about VetChat a little while ago and it’s pretty toight, so I thought I’d tell you all about it, too.

If you’re not too familiar with VetChat, it’s an online service started in partnership with PetCulture which – if the name doesn’t give it away – does all things pets. They’re really, really big on championing the bond between pet and pet parent, so you know they want the best for your precious pooches and kittens.

VetChat is fab for those among us who believe something’s up with our furry friends, but don’t think it requires a full trip to the vet.

I’ll give you an example: my dog – a little demon named Nala – sometimes vomits up bile. Way before my family knew the reason why, we’d freak out and call the vet about their next available open. The vet was, uh, not amused that we were calling the emergency number for a non-emergency.

But look at this face! This is Nala after I went to the toilet and she STOLE MY SPOT ON THE COUCH. Every time she squeaks in even mild discomfort, I panic. 

If You Can’t Take Yr Dog To The Vet RN, This Online Service Might Save Ya Some Anxious Googling


Turns out some dogs vomit up bile when they go too long between meals. And Nala was throwing up the bile because she didn’t appreciate us switching her diet from human food to doggy food. She’s a dramatic dog and a very, very picky eater.

That’s the sort of thing VetChat can help you with, along with giving expert advice and treatment plans.

It’s all online, it costs just $39 (not bhed) and you’re speaking to actual vets, not some random on the internet called Dave who’s quickly googling “vomiting moodle” on his other screen.

With l*ckdown still plaguing our every day, being able to ask for a vet’s advice virtually sure does bring some peace of mind.

Learn more about VetChat right HERE.

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