Brisbane City Council To Install Hidden Cameras In Off-Leash Parks After Dogs Poisoned


Hidden cameras will be set up in a number of dog parks in Brisbane to try and catch the despicable piece of shit who has been poisoning dogs.

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Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said the cameras will be installed in off-leash dog parks so that “we are doing our part to make sure that we can catch the offenders.

“We are working with the police here, but what we want the people who are doing this to know is, you will be caught.”

Schrinner added that more council officers will patrol the dog parks too.

According to the Brisbane Times, affected areas include New Farm, Teneriffe, and Newstead.

Local animal group The Rescue Collective said they have received a number of reports from dog owners about the poison.

“[It] is thrown in with and rolled in mince-like meat as well as pieces of meat off-cuts,” the organisation wrote on Facebook. “Some dogs were believed to ingest the meat around the dog park and actually in it.”

An Instagram page for The Dogs of New Farm recently mourned the loss of Kiody who tragically died after eating the bait.

“Something she ate off the ground had been poisoned by an unknown toxin and she had passed within 24 hours of becoming sick.”

Locals in the area have since conducted organised sweeps to try and rid the parks of any bait.

New Farm’s Fortitude Valley Vet recently shared a community alert, advising dog owners to bring their pets in if they present any of the following symptoms:

  • If your dog is lethargic or experiencing weakness
  • If your dog has tremors
  • If your dog has excess salivation or is slobbering more than usual
  • Go to your local vet immediately if your dog collapses and has seizures

“Please be vigilant. We love our furry community so let’s look out for each other’s dogs as well,” the post continued.

“If you see something, please speak to the dog’s owner – your kindness may just save a life.”